Basketball Quiz

So you think you know it all? Take my quiz and find out!

Test your basketball knowledge with Ryan Razooky’s basketball quiz. Think you know it all? Why not prove it? There’s more to learn about basketball than physical technique! Complete the test and share your results with friends to see how they do on the quiz!


1. What is a Step-Up?
2. You’re at the block, the ball handler drives above your block. You should go where?
3. Defense overplays the wing entry. The wing guard should...?
4. After coming off a ball screen, what is your primary option?
5. Defense overplays post entry. The Post-man should…?
6. Where is the “Slot”?
7. What Is A “Drag Screen”?
8. What Is A “Slice / Shuffle Cut?
9. You’re setting a ball screen and your defender hedges. You should...?
10. Split Action Occurs After...?

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